We introduce miniature 1W LED with High CRI for SSL applications

Today we announced one of the industry’s smallest, most energy efficient 1-Watt (1W) high power LEDs with high color rendering index (CRI) for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications. With dimensions of 6 mm by 5.7 mm by 1.18 mm thick, our compact 1W LB-P20W2C is packaged in a 6-leaded small outline package (SOP) and capable of being driven to up to 350 mA to provide high flux output performance. Additionally, this competitively priced compact LED emitter provides a wide viewing angle and features long life reliability.

The LB-P20W2C has a wide viewing angle of 110-degrees to meet the needs of designers who require good color uniformity. This LED provides a high typical CRI of 80 for cool white and 90 for warm white. Our 1W emitter is a high performance LED designed to handle high thermal and high drive currents. By delivering a high flux output of 70-80 lumens (lm) at 350 mA, this new 1W LED emitter is ideal for use in general lighting applications such as medical lighting, merchandise display lighting and museum lighting. Additionally, this LED features a maximum allowable junction temperature of 135 degrees-C thus providing lighting designers with more design flexibility. In addition, this part offers a high Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) resistance of 16 kV which makes this LED insensitive to ESD. As a result, special ESD protection equipment is not required to handle the part during installation. Moreover, this 1W LED is compatible with standard SMT reflow soldering processes which helps lower design cost.